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Teen Resume Builder Kit


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Every teen needs a resume, and our 'Teen Resume Builder Kit' makes it quick and and gives you all the tools to build a resume is sure to stand out. And, its FREE!


Read more about why every teen should have a resume here.


Sticky Situations Guides


Ever find yourself in an awkward scenario with a coworker? Do you find yourself needing to have a tough conversation with your boss but you don't know just what to say?The Sticky Situations Guides are FREE TOOLS to help you maneuver challenging scenarios primarily in the workplace, but many of these tips can be useful in your everyday life.

Here's what some of our friends have to say about Sticky Situations

"In my executive consulting experience, it's rare to see job failure due to a lack of skills. It’s nearly always due to a lack of fit. Teresa George’s 'Sticky Situation Guide’ gives you the questions, and answers you'll need to get and keep a great job."

Bill Karlson, CPC

Author, ‘Get Top Dollar in a Job You



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