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Adventures at Work. It sounds like an oxymoron -- like jumbo shrimp, easy IRS forms or working vacation. Especially when you look at the stats -  71 percent of American workers are unhappy and looking for another job. A huge chunk of those believe they aren't paid enough or get enough recognition. Gallup says a whopping 900 million people in the world are unfulfilled in their jobs. But this doesn't have to be you. You are on a treasure hunt -- to find joy, purpose and creativity in the most unlikely places -- at work. So let's make it an adventure!

About Me

My Work

For almost my whole career, I’ve been involved in pressure-packed situations from working as a reporter on a daily newspaper to coordinating behind-the-scenes on live network awards shows to presenting in tense boardrooms . I also built multi-million-dollar revenue streams from scratch, put together celebrity deals, formulated and executed entertainment strategies for some of America’s best-known brands. I've helped brands tell their stories in compelling ways while working alongside celebrities such as Luke Bryan, Tiesto, Jamie Foxx, Dierks Bentley and Reba McEntire. I started my own company on a shoestring and have faced discouragement, disappointment and rejection. Along the way, I've been buoyed by generous bosses, colleagues, friends and mentors who were there with encouragement and honest advice. To see some of my work, Click Here

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Teresa George

Brand Strategist, Writer, Entrepreneur

How It Got Started

I have gone up in experimental planes, para-sailed, rappelled down cliffs, para-glided off a mountain, sailed on the world's highest lake, climbed Huayna Picchu, kayaked alongside whales and trekked through rain forests. Those are adventures.

Yet some of my most challenging, rewarding and terrifying adventures have been at work --solving tricky problems, dealing with difficult people, putting my ideas out there when they're met with disdain, trying to find revenue after the largest economic crash since the Great Depression and trudging ahead after setbacks and my own mistakes.

All of these led to Adventures at Work.

Helping you be a trailblazer TM.

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