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Think of this site as your basecamp. Use it to venture out of your comfort zone and find more joy in your own work adventures. Our aim is to lighten the load, brighten the path and give you tools to slay a few soul-sucking work dragons. We want to help you transform your work into a meaningful, marvelous journey. Explore our blogs and be a part of our community.

Does it feel like you're heading off into the jungle every day to test your wits, brave criticism, navigate around obstacles and solve almost insurmountable problems? And that's all before you've finished your second cup of coffee. Work is tough. It can also be a life-long adventure. So how do you get the most out of it and enjoy it? We can help.


Teresa George

Adventures at Work



Who is This for?

  • If you feel like you're stranded on the work version of Survivor Island with only a can opener and a candy bar.

  • You're fairly new in your career and need some guidance on how to deal with colleagues and work situations that baffle you.

  • You're doing well in your career but have started feeling you're not really bringing your whole self to the job every day. That suit of armor you put on to protect yourself is getting heavy.

  • You're looking for a new job and need some encouragement, because putting yourself out there can be brutal.

  • You'd like to excel, make more money and have deeper relationships.

  • You want to make work an adventure -- not just a job!

Start the trek

For this work journey, use the same mindset as you would for any adventure:

  1. Pack for the trip. We'll help equip you with what you need to succeed at work.

  2. Expect some obstacles along the way and some magical moments. We'll help you bounce back from disappointments, encourage you when the trek takes unexpected turns, and applaud your victories.

  3. Embrace new things -- new people, new ideas, new ways of approaching situations.

  4. Enjoy the journey.​


In short, we'll help you to: Equip, Expect, Embrace and Enjoy your Adventures at Work.

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